Wehla M Stores is a general Merchandise store that began operations in November, 2016. We sell a range of products and offer several services in the following Categories:

  1. Fashion (off-the-rack a.k.a. ready made, Fabrics)
  2. Home Appliances
  3. Health and Beauty (Make up, Perfumes, Body Creams, Hair growth Creams and Oils, Organic oils and Essential oils, etc.)
  4. Phones and Tablets and their accessories
  5. House hold Management goods (Dettol, Disinfectants, Toilet Cleaners, etc.)
  6. Cookware
  7. Packaging Materials like Bubble wrap, Trash bag, etc.
  8. Logistics Services
  9. Money Withdrawal and Deposit Services/Airtime VTU, Bills Payments, etc.
  10. Contracts
  11. Oluwase’itan Skincare (Seinaturals)

You may check some of the products we have for sale at


The Seinaturals Skin rejuvenation Set Facial cream Body Lotion Body OIl Facial scrub Body Scrub

Oluwase’itan Skincare (a.k.a. Seinaturals)

We provide custom-made skincare services aimed at skin rejuvenation.

Home Appliances

The QASA Yam Pounder is one of our best sellers. NIgerians especially from the South love Pounded Yam. This Machine serves hot, pounded yam at a fraction of the stress it takes to do it manually.

Insect Killer
Household Management Goods

The Sonik Insect Killer range is designed to attract flying insects and intended for use in homes. Efficient and safe in use, the fluorescent tubes emit UVA rays for effective attraction of insects which are electrocuted by the high-tension grid within the unit. The units can be wall or ceiling mounted and now with the option of a stylish stainless steel finish on the 20W model for areas where style is important, such as in retail outlets. Easy-clean aluminium alloy chassis Wall-mount or ceiling suspended .

16w, 20W, 30W