Every Nigerian seeing this post will most likely laugh 

The Agberos,  also called Area Boys are the ‘tax collectors‘ of the “National Union of Road Transport Workers“. They are very rough and ruthless and are the mercenary often employed to make things difficult during the local elections.

I was trying to focus on getting my work done last week Tuesday, when suddenly, my dispatch rider called me to tell me that; “My courier bike had being seized”  and I wondered who could have done that?!

I asked and he told me that it was seized by some men of the “National Union of Road Transport Workers”     The reason being that my company has not registered the bike with the Union for 7,000 naira only which is about $18! How can the Union’s charges be higher than the Government’s taxes?!

Impactada! Mon Dieu!

How can a Government that makes money off me and does little or nothing to support local businesses allow us to be bullied by our own people?

The only recognized payment by the Government for companies who had courier bikes is  4000 naira only! So,why exactly will the Government not do anything about this harassment.

So, I asked to speak with the people who had seized my bike and they told me I was going to pay them 15,000 naira only, I resist bullying strongly! This is one of the reasons I share so much information to the Maps  and on Connect! The better informed you are, the more likely you are able to resist bullying.

I knew the only Antidote to their bullying was a higher power and some force, the next day I sought the help of my friend who is a Colonel in the Nigerian Army.

In a country that things work, how can you involve the Army? Are you not meant to involve the Police?  If you try it in Nigeria, you will have yourself to blame!

So, I went with my own ‘Army’ and collected my bike. 

I looked through the documents they said I was to collect, among them were;

  • Conductor’s badge
  • Driver’s badge
  • Sewage Basket

I had stickers for;

  • Lagos state
  • Gombe state
  • Kogi State

I mean; “are we even serious at all?” Yet, the Government does nothing about this because harboring the ‘Area Boys‘ is tantamount to getting their “Stage Carriage taxes paid!”, it’s more like a deal between them; “You scratch my back, I scratch yours”!

I want to ask; “How fair are your local laws to Businesses?”

“How much does your Government strive to protect you?”

“Do you need to know someone in the Military of your country to be ‘untouchable‘?”

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