Today, I imagine what great a love Jesus has that made him die for us!

I mean our Loved ones die, and we are a wreck of emotions but here is someone who could change his own fate; but, who instead, looked at death, stared it in the face and embraced it, and all for something he was never even guilty of.

I think the events of this day should really make us, “call to mind our sins” and look for what ways we must have offended our Lord and really be sorry for them.


This calls to mind the sacrifice of the great Queen Moremi, the great Yoruba legend who gave up her only son; Olurogbo to fulfill her end of the bargain to the Esimirin deity whose help she had sought before going to battle against the enemies of the people of Ile-Ife who were ravaging and plundering their land.

This was acted out in a Stage play; a performance I gleefully went to see. I know how much I cried at such verbose expression of Love and affection when the deity who had not pre-informed Moremi requested her son as sacrifice!

Credit: Queen Moremi the Musical stage play at Terra Kulture, Victoria Island, Lagos.
In this Scene, Moremi and the people of the great Ile-Ife had come to thank the Esimirin deity for their victory and had brought several gifts with them; a gesture the deity did not appreciate! Looking at them condescendingly; she spoke blatantly; “I want your Son“!
All pleas to the deity fell on deaf ears, whereas she insisted that it was her only son she wanted. Moremi wailingly accepts her fate and is a wreck of emotions!

But have you stopped to think of Our Lady; the Blessed Virgin Mary, who did not even protest, but ‘pondered’ all these in her heart? During the ‘Stations of the Cross’, Christ speaks;“My Mother sees me whipped, she sees me kicked and driven like a beast, she offers no words of protest, she shares my martyrdom”

I dare to say the great Sacrifice of the great Queen Moremi pales in comparison to the sacrifice of our Lord. In fact, it is incomparable! #goodfriday #sacrificiallambledtotheslaughter #thesufferingservant

Whereas, in Olurogbo‘s (Moremi’s son) case, he had no power of his own to fight against the deity or to defy defy death, this was not the case with our Lord Jesus Christ! Despite having the power, He relinquished all of that to submit to the will of the Father!

Christ is God, he has both power and divinity, he could have decided to die in any other way, he could have chosen to make any other form of sacrifice, he could have chosen any other type of death, but he decided to take not just our sins and shame but also our curses, for it is written that; “Cursed is he who hangs on a tree”.

If you visit Ile-Ife in Osun state, Nigeria today, you will see just how much this legend is revered, visit great campuses of Nigerian institutions and see just how many edifices are named after the Queen Moremi because of her heroic sacrifice and what homage is paid her son; Ela Oluorogbo.

How much more our Lord?

How much more our King; One to whom men bow, who decided to become today, for all men, one from whom all men ‘screen their faces’, ‘all with bloody scourges rent’?

He looks forward, not to mighty edifices constructed on glamorous sites, that is upstanding today and ruined tomorrow, but he wants these edifices erected in our hearts, that we may bear him therein and his light may shine forth from us, that we may not only be able to tell the world about the poorest King that ever lived but that the world may see him through our actions and experience him in our thoughts.

Do we take our time to even reflect on what Jesus had to endure and for our sake?

Are we grateful? Do we tell others about him? do we desire to hold feasts and festivals in his honor? do we commemorate his trial, death and suffering?

In our minds and in our lives, are we doing enough to propagate his kingdom here on earth or are we complacent?

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