When somebody does something you don’t like, look the person in the eye, say it in the best way possible; “I don’t like it!”

If you soak up a lot of bullshit, you end up looking like bullshit, life is too beautiful to go through life uptight and all that.

I am not good at tolerating or enduring, I am good at enjoying. Whatever it is I am doing or engaging in or that is taking up my time, money or energy, I must be enjoying. “If you no give me quality attention, Imma get it from somebody else”.

I am a Minister of enjoyment

Look at the lives of all the people who sing; ‘endure and tolerate to you’, are they happy? are they pleased with life? do you want to be like them?

Nothing in this life is worth your peace of mind and your bright beautiful smile😊.

When you are to choose, your Love, self-esteem, integrity, and all should be considered before anything else, because who ends up bearing the brunt of your decisions?


All the people who say; ‘what, how, what it, why’, will not bear it for you.

The ‘time checkers‘ who know your time is running out, please how is their perfect life?

You got to stay happy, motivated and yum always.


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