When I spend a day off work, it gives me a lot of time to think and reflect on life.

Today, I came up with the following;

  1. A day spent off work is not a day the sky will shift from its position. I think The Catholic church teaches this in the finest of ways. If a Priest works so hard and takes no rest, if he dies while celebrating the Mass, another Priest available will conclude the Mass. If I die while working so hard, another person who doesn’t know I haven’t traveled or gone shopping in the past 2 years, will spend up what little saving I have and sell off the rest of my property
  2. Noone who is rich became so rich by working so hard. MY father looks at me often times and is angry! Like, why should a Human being work so hard and exert so much pressure on herself! And all for what?! I don’t beg, Yes! but I am not half as rich as I want to be or anywhere close!
  3. I took my time to look at my old pictures😁 Boy-O-Boy, I was slim! I had this beautiful look of contentment on my face. Contentment from the fact that I had a God who had planned out my future perfectly and ensured I never go broke, I owed no debts, I slept peacefully every night! I visited places and traveled just for the fun of it and on my money too! It was beautiful. I looked at my current pictures 🤔 and I see why I don’t have friends anymore, there is this look of weariness, this weariness is what drives me to work everyday! The feeling that; what if I lose everything? What if my creditors make a scene? At times, I am scared to be happy sef, like; what if they say what’s making her happy sef? 🙄🤷🏼‍♀ Years have passed, I haven’t cleared my debts, I am not rich, I have worked tirelessly…
  4. Worse of, when my Love was killed by the Boko Haram guys at Sambisa, life took a whole new turn, I felt like I had to drown myself in my work to at least forget about him.
  5. Later, work did not flow as much, I had an accident that hampered my movement and took 3 months to heal! I was broke! Despite being broke, I was threatened😊, each time I saw a car pull up to me, I am thinking, have they come to threaten me or assassinate me? My debts rose. I took to writing and started up
  6. My leg healed and I began to walk properly, three weeks shy of that, I had yet another accident😁😀 I cried like a baby! I began to dial the number of my Love 😂😂, an emotional attachment one cannot explain… That one person you have shared your life with, when you get in trouble at times, you call the person before you pray. I heard switched off severely before I realized I was calling a dead person. My friends who i would go the extra mile for were nowhere to be found.
  7. I pulled through and wrote even some more. My birthday came (January), I got a cake, I was very happy. Oga‘s death anniversary and burial date was approaching and I thought I would lose my mind, no, I was very happy, thanking God for his life

Now, what do all of these say to us? Life is fickle! We have a lot of fears and we focus solely on them forgetting that there is a God.

Like I was sharing before now, noone gets rich simply by working so hard! No, there is something, call it whatever, to me, I believe there is a God, who directs the movement of the cosmos, he decides what happens. Truth is we all will not be rich! that is certain, some will be rich, some will be poor, some will be dirt poor.


Just one break, one call, just one touch and ‘everything done set‘. So, you got to 🤪 take each day as a test, accepting it with hope and Love, you got to pick each call with the attitude, this is the call that will change my life forever (not easy though when you are broke). But God will do it, this one thing I am certain of.
As we continue our Lenten journey, I pray our Lord will bring it to a fruitful conclusion!

So, the deal is to keep in mind that it is not the work we do, that actually makes us rich, but that blessing from above.


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