I think one of the most amazing experiences I have had is; being a Google Local Guide.

Who is a Google Local Guide?

A Google Local Guide is a Google Maps user (I am sure we all are) who volunteers to share information (reviews, pictures, videos, etc.) about the locations they have visited.

I used to be a very private person, even though I travel alot, I travelled for myself and for the fun of it, until Google sent me a mail one day; what actually made me accept the proposal? The word “Help”.

I will never give up an opportunity to help others. So, I began uploading pictures, and giving reviews of places. It never seemed like anything initially until I saw the impact this was having.

I am very happy to be able to help others and I will not give up this opportunity for anything.

Today, I enter a place with this notion at the back of my mind; “Aina, you are not just entering this place for yourself but for the many others who may decide to come here”.

So, I sit, strike a pose, open eyes, stick out my camera, shoot and ask questions, because I know just how important this will be to some others.

To see my contributions on Google maps, click on this link;

See what I’ve posted to Google Maps
Level 7 Local Guide

You can also be a Google Local Guide, sign up;

Learn more;

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