@joycemeyer This is the truth.

God answers prayers in three ways;

Wait, It’s not yet time

Many of us (Christians) think; it’s either a Yes or a No.

We forget how long Abraham our father in faith had to wait for Isaac.

We forget how long it took the Israelites (and the world) at large to finally see the Messiah
We forget these things because it’s not easy to be tested.
It’s like been on a burner and you keep wondering; ‘until when?’ I remember putting Beans on a Hot plate and stepping out briefly for a 30 minutes class with ‘my children’ during my Youth Service year.

I was to teach them Agricultural Science.

I got to the class and I was taken aback by how ‘lost in knowledge’ they were🙈

I forgot all about my beans and poured myself into teaching these (my children). I returned home about 2 hours later to find not just my beams charred but the Pot had a hole, it had melted!

The issue with we Christians is that; we forget that we were actually created in the ‘image of the Living God’! We think we are like that Pot that will melt under extreme heat and pressure, forgetting that we are built strong and that whatever the Lord brings us to, he brings us to, because he has already prepared us to overcome it.

God will make a way… He always does.

Sometimes, he just wants us to Wait!

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