Like the Sunflower which follows every movement of the Sun;
So, I turn towards you, to follow you, my Lord.

This is one of my favorite hymns

It is not difficult to actually understand why it is one of my favorite hymns, it teaches humility, simplicity and childlike trust in the one true God. I mean I love to make my own decisions. So, to be like a Sunflower is not something that comes to me naturally, but this is something that our God wants, right? So, it’s something that ought to be learnt, a craft that one can never be fully master.

Such that; bringing some Children close to him; Jesus said; “To these, belong the Kingdom of heaven”.

So, does it mean that one of the first requirements for following our God is to be Childlike?

Is there anyone who has not taken a religious vow who does this? follow every word?No questions, no complaints?

Now, this is a religious post. So, if you are not a Christian and are not interested in listening to such religious talks, you may want to turn back from here.


Now, let’s check the Bible and see those who were like this Sunflower.

  1. The Prophet Hosea. Imagine the Lord asking you a Prophet to marry a Promiscuous woman just to teach his people a lesson.
You would have reasoned it and thought; ‘this can’t be God’s plan for me’, but the Prophet like a Sunflower obeyed the dictates of the Lord
  1. Amos. Imagine that God actually took him away from his day’s job to actually speak against the evil been done in a neighboring town and he had to do that prophesying at the King’s palace?!
  2. Mary. Imagine that the Blessed Mother had to be pregnant even though she was only engaged. This was a grave sin according to the Jewish law but she accepted.

In reality, all the people mentioned above could have easily said ‘NO’ and rejected the offer but they took it up nonetheless. Why?

It was because of a certain confidence that the one who had called them to it was capable of bringing it to fruition.


Has the Lord called you to Ministry? Are you wondering how you are going to do it?Are you even wondering; why it had to be you in the first place?

Well, the Lord has come for you today and really he just waits for you to open.

You need not worry as Jesus has made provisions for your call. As he did it for all the great people of old, he will do it for you.

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