According to Wikipedia,

fandom is a subculture composed of fans characterized by a feeling of empathy and camaraderie with others who share a common interest. Fans typically are interested in even minor details of the object(s) of their fandom and spend a significant portion of their time and energy involved with their interest, often as a part of a social network with particular practices (a fandom); this is what differentiates “fannish” (fandom-affiliated) fans from those with only a casual interest.

Initially, we had football/Soccer club Fans. Object of interest: Soccer/Football. More recently, large fan clubs are formed for celebrities. With these fans spanning countries, territories and continents.

Fans of various celebrities have come together to form these extravagant Fandoms.

The few that stand out for me I have listed below. So, we have the;

  • Beyhive
  • Rihanna Navy
  • Savage Soldiers
  • Simi Army
  • Ceec’s Spartans
  • Toyin Titans
  • Mercenaries
  • Cuppy’s Cupcakes
  • Tacha’s Titans

And so many other Fandoms who do not even have a name.

The celebrities too call them a variety of names;

  • Cyberfamily
  • Instafam

These celebrities apart from receiving a strong backing from these fans have gone on to receive gifts from their Fandoms. I mean fans have gone on to buy cars, set up businesses, ensure their faves sell out back-to-back and get endorsement deals.

I have come to discover that the Celebrities with the biggest and strongest fan bases were never active members of any Fandom.

They just seem to ‘sprout out of nowhere’ and they become a force to reckon with.

Is it because these seemingly ‘nobodies’ were more focused on becoming Celebrities themselves over hyping existing Celebrities?

The rave of the moment in Nigeria is Natacha Akide (a.k.a. Tacha) and her fiery fandom nicknamed the TACHA TITANS.


Tacha first came to limelight (at least for me) when she had the Tattoo of Davido (DMW Boss) on her chest.

Then, she went on to making raunchy photos on instagram and occassional throwing shades at the existing Celebrities, moved on to launching her own brand ‘everything Tacha‘, before long, she became a sensation on Instagram and gained quite a following.

She’s talented, can dance, can sell, can do her own makeup and oh, she is beautiful!

Of course, she wasn’t on right standing with many of the people whom she occasionally took a swipe at, she managed to hold her own and styled herself; Port Harcourt First Daughter.

Many were able to connect with her because of how ‘down to earth’ she is. When the auditions for the Big Brother Naija 2019 opened in January, 2019, Tacha was seen at the audition venue, this caused quite a stir online. Many trolled her, still, she held her own!

Eventually, when the show opened, Tacha was there to grace the screen! Immediately, people took to trolling her. She quickly developed a slogan; “No Leave, No Transfer (NLNT)” as she was put up for eviction on the reality TV show week after week.

The trolls won’t let her be right, they made ‘meme after meme’ about her and talked about just how mannerless she was.

Her No-nonsense nature eventually led to her disqualification from the Big Brother House.

What do you think news of Tacha’s disqualification caused? A massive stir online!

the tacha’s titans

A classical example of this Fandom that has taken over the Nigerian internet space in the past 5 months is the Tacha’s Titans.

An Already charged fanbase that went berserk at the unlikely NEWS of their FAVE been unceremoniously asked to quit the reality tv show

Ever since, Tacha has been a Rave (sic), with her fans waking up every day to ensure she trends especially on Twitter. The victorious shouts of her Fans, her raving Fandom has slowly but surely drowned out the moans of the opposition.

When asked recently in an interview; why the ‘Tacha Titans stan her so much? She replied rather meekly that she believes it’s the ability of others to see themselves in her, her ability to own up to her mistakes and for others to see she will take their advice and that she is a work-in-progress.

True to her word, they have stood by her, are still standing and the moment you decide to come for her, you sure will have yourself to blame for it.

Tacha and the Pitchfork or Trident that is a symbol of the Tacha’s Titans

The Fandom provide support in all ways possible, but have you bothered to ask yourself;

  • What is the motivation for forming these fan clubs?
  • How do the fans benefit from spending their time, money and activity on their ‘Object of Interest’?

What’s the biggest Fandom in your country? What do you think drives this Fandom? Do you belong to any?

Drop your comments below… Respond in your language, I will reply too… This should be fun



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