Many people are afraid of going to Holy Confession for a variety of reasons;

  1. The Priest knows me
  2. The Priest will divulge my confession
  3. I may still commit the same sin

I went to Confession yesterday and thought to myself; “How much harder would life have been if I was not a Catholic!

The Confessional is the place Jesus waits as the Father waited for his son in the Parable of the PRODIGAL SON.

The Priest is not there as Judge but as Jesus who understands you and who waits for you securely in love.

Jesus is there as High Priest, as one who has ‘shared this flesh’ and shared with you everything but Sin.

He is there as the loving Father who; despite knowing our frailty was willing to divide and give us a share of his property.

Jesus is not actually ‘disappointed’, Jesus is God and He knows you through and through. You are His friend, forge a relationship with Him!

Times will be hard, some time will come and we will feel like we are not just good enough, we will feel like we are undeserving of his love, we may even feel like; He will never forgive us! Never ever think like that! Nothing in this life can separate us from the Love of God.

And when you have gone to the confessional and heard; “I now absolve you of your sins”, never ever guilt-trip yourself because it is truly over.

The Devil will come to guilt-trip you, you must never succumb to pressure, as each confession is like a reborn in the Baptismal waters.

A Confession (if properly done) actually starts you on a new journey (with Christ). It’s a ‘pick up your mat and walk‘ experience.

Only that it requires taking the first step; “Showing Penitence’; “approaching Jesus”.

You can not just show penitence and sit at home or drink yourself to stupor. You got to get up and ‘Come‘ and just as you are! No Shakara for Jesus.


Talk to him about everything and anything!

If you are predisposed to committing a particular type of sin, speak to Jesus about it.


“Dear Jesus, I know excessive drinking makes me commit a number of sins, I want to stay away from it, but each time I take a bottle, I am tempted to take more”. Talk to him!

The next question will be; “What are the Predisposing factors; something called “the occasion of Sin”?

In this context; when am I likely to drink excessively? Is it when I hang out with friends? The next step will be to eliminate this occasion or these occasions of Sin.


Is it someone you love so much that can not stop making you offend your friend; Jesus?

Is it an incestuous relationship? fornication? Adultery? Homosexual? Cultism?

Has someone threatened to cut off your source of livelihood just because you have refused giving in?

Tell it to Jesus!

Are you so much in love with somebody, that this love pushes you to want to be intimate with the person outside of marriage? Tell it to Jesus; “Jesus, I am so deeply in love with this person, I cannot do without them. Looking at these person makes me weak in the knees…”

You can tell all to Jesus because he understands your struggles but are you even struggling? Are you making attempts?


  1. The Act of Contrition -Admit that you have sinned, admit that you are wrong and this act has hurt your friend; Jesus
  2. The Penitential Act – show some remorse for your sin
  3. Examination of Conscience -Thoroughly examine your conscience, invite the Holy Spirit to illumine your life that you may see all the times you have offended your friend. Ask him to help you make a good confession


  1. Confession -Go to confession. Tell your sins as carefully as you will tell it to a friend of equal standing. Relax, okay? The Priest was made for you! Jesus in the person of the Priest waits for you.
  2. It’s not a Law court. No one is waiting to condemn you.


  1. Do your penance as assigned by the Priest
  2. Believe that you have been forgiven, truly been
  3. Metanoia – Let your confession transform you



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