When many people meet me, the first thing that strikes them is how beautiful my skin is especially those who knew how my skin used to be.

And many of them immediately ask; “What Cream do you use?”

Sorry to burst your bubble but I must let you know that; applying body or face cream or body lotion is not an automatic ticket to getting; brilliant-looking, glowing, healthy skin. Rather, it involves a complex series of;

  1. Exfoliating
  2. Drying
  3. Oiling
  4. Massaging
  5. Proper nutrition

In fact, the cream you apply is the least of what makes your skin glow.


STEP 01 -Identify your Skin Type

The first step is to identify your skin type. There are three major skin types;

  1. Dry skin
  2. Oily Skin
  3. Combination Skin

It is usually easy to identify your skin type yourself. If you are finding difficulty identifying your skin type, see a doctor, a beauty expert, or just chat me up on +2348053962128 (whatsapp).


This second step is very important as it is the pivot upon which every other thing rests. Living conditions can be classified austerely as follows;

  1. Upper Class
  2. Middle Class
  3. Lower Class

To put this into perspective;

  1. The amount of sun exposure you have in a day
  2. Your occupation
  3. The kind of food you eat

To further put this into perspective, let’s look at the lives of WOMEN in three case scenarios.


Ralia is the daughter of the Emir of Kano, she is 25 years old, she has spent all her life schooling abroad. She has returned to Nigeria, she is chauffeured to all her important engagements in an Air-conditioned Car with tinted windows.

She returns home, there is a pitcher of water waiting for her to wash with, there are maids available to oil her legs and massage her back with aromatic oil.

Her Personal maid is available to put her used clothes away, she has made her bed, has put a jug of water and fresh fruits by her bed side.

She has drapes on her window to block out the harmful rays of the sun in the morning.

In the morning, she wakes up, takes her glass of water, eats some fresh fruits, spends some time on prayers and private meditations.

Her personal trainer is waiting down the stairs, he takes her on her morning exercise routine.

She comes back, her bath is already prepared. And the cycle repeats itself.


The Princess’ living conditions will help her skin glow. So, if she comes out and informs the Press that she uses only olive oil after bathing with black soap, please believe her.



Rachael moved from Ikot Ekpene where she used to live with her Parents, she lives in high-brow VGC alone.

She drives to work in Lagos Traffic, returns to fix her meals and every other thing.

She works with MTN Nigeria. Part of her job involves her checking up on MTN Sub stations across the Island.

She takes a Yearly vacation out of Nigeria to any location of her choice.


Radika works with the Nestle company in Accra. She has a driver, a cook and a maid. She works from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. everyday. She returns home from work, attends to some of the work she has brought home from work, sipping a cup of coffee while at it.

By 8 p.m., she drives out alone to the Club, sips on some brandy, orders her favorite cigarettes and begins to gyrate to some Tiwa Savage’s rhythms.

Radika is a baller.


Sofia is the sales Manager of a Start-up company involved in sales of General Merchandise, she has to shuttle 3 major cities in Lagos, sometimes in an Air-conditioned car, other times in a cab, other times on a bike. She returns home at 9p.m. daily, bathes, eats and goes to bed at 10:30 p.m. She wakes up at 4a.m. daily to be able to meet up with her work schedule.

She is off work on Saturdays and Sundays.


Ifeoluwa lives with her mother in Isale-Eko, in the Idumota area of Lagos Island. Her father is often away at the creeks, as he is a Fisher-man. After, he returns home, Ifeoluwa and her mother, have to clean the fish, roast it and then take it to the Idumota area for sale.

They have no shop in Idumota, so they sit by their wares on a bundle of clothes under the scorching sun till they finish selling off their wares.

These cleaning and roasting of the fish occurs thrice a week. The sales of the fish takes place seven times a week.


All the ladies in Case two Scenario need to follow a good Skincare regimen to have a glowing skin

The lady in Case 3 needs to follow a strict Skincare regimen, a very strict one.

STEP 03 – identify what will works best

Let the knowledge of your skin type and your living conditions equip you with the information required to make healthy life style choices for your skin.


Skin Type: Combination (oily/dry/normal)

  1. My Face is Oily
  2. My body skin is Normal
  3. I have Dry Skin on my extremities(my hands and my feet)

Because of the peculiar nature of my skin, I do not use ‘off-the-counter’ or commercially produced Body lotions or creams, doing this in the past left me with uneven toned skin and a break out of acne.

Living Conditions: Middle class.

Owing to these conditions and my Skin type, I discovered that; I needed to use products as close to nature as possible. Products that stimulated what we have existing naturally in our bodies.


I make two separate scrubs;

  • one for my face (for acne prevention and deep pore cleansing and to kick start the glow process
  • another for my body; to loosen up my skin especially where it is dry, to correct hyperpigmentation, to soften the skin.

The Scrub is made from a rich variety of Plant extracts, seed, fruits, stems and roots because my Facial skin is very sensitive and using chemical-based products in the past has cost me dearly.

I call it the Hydrating Facial Glow Scrub

So I apply to my face for a minimum of 15 minutes, wait for it to dry off and then wash off with disinfected water. I apply to my body for about 30 minutes and wash off.

2. Bathe

I bathe with a Glycerin-based Transparent bar soap

3. Drying

I towel-dry my body. I dry my face with disposable Paper Facial Towels rich in Cellulose.

4. Body Lotion/Face Cream

My body and Face Creams/Lotion is made from a combination of animal extracts, Oils, honey and a 3% Cream base. I ensure my facial cream is very thick and that it does not leave greasy residue on my face after application. I apply the cream directly to my skin and then massage into my skin.

I do not use a sunscreen, I heard they are very good, but I am too scared of applying just anything to my skin.

I am rarely out in the Sun, if I have to be, I wear protective covering and drape a long scarf over my head.

5. Massage Oil

Sometimes, I rub in this specially made aromatic massage oil; made in from a blend of 7 natural oils and 4 essential oils.

I also massage it into my head if I get a headache.

Body oil


Such a simple routine and all of these gorgeousness is yours.

  1. Exfoliate
  2. Bathe
  3. Dry.
  4. Lather on cream
  5. Massage into the skin
  6. Use sunscreen or wear protective clothing while in the Sun.


  1. When you take proper care of your skin, there is scarcely a difference between your makeup-free face and your makeup face because your before and after look gorgeous!
  2. Makeup sits better and lasts longer on healthy skin
  3. Your Skin recovers quickly from shocks; from accident, sudden breakout, etc.
  4. Your skin can be used in conducting experiments for dermatological research
  5. A whole new level of Self-confidence
With or without makeup?

Share your thoughts, Skincare tips and comments below.



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