A girl Child has always been special to me. I think she is the epitome of genuine softness. I think she should be pampered, cared for, supported and protected by everyone around and I get to support her anytime I can.

The girl Child; an epitome of Divine Love, peace and tranquility


So, once, I met a young man, He invited me to his house, there was the picture of this lady everywhere, it was natural for me to want to know who she was because he was seriously hitting on me.

He will laugh and ignore the question. Then, I told him I wasn’t going to speak with him anymore.

I ignored his call and refused to see him. After a while, he took me seriously and told me she was his fiancée.

Unbelievable! A whole fiancée?! Okay, Mister, move ahead, I never intend to ‘share my man’, so, I will not share another woman’s man.

All his pleas fell on deaf ears, we eventually became very good friends.

This was my closest brush at being made a side-chick.



The Side Chick affair is so serious that the Urban Dictionary defines Side Chick as; A sidechick is a woman that you have a separate relationship with, while in a relationship with another person.

In India, the Side Chick is called “the Other Woman” – Rakhel

I have come to discover that there are two types of Side Chick;

  1. The Willful Side chick
  2. The Unwillful Side Chick


This kind of side Chick knows the man is in a relationship; married, engaged, courting, dating, etc. but signs up for a relationship with him either because of a very strong quality of the man that attracts her to him or for money.

Many men who have money, authority and power are prone to having side chicks because women are seen to be flocking around them or want ‘a taste of them’ or to be associated with them. It takes a whole lot of restraint on their part not to fall.

Some of these ladies do not mind even going the extra mile to date ‘covenanted men’ like the Celibate Priests of the Holy Catholic Church.

The more power and authority a man wields and the more money he has to back it up, the more the girls roam freely around him, even offering themselves for free to the man. If you think say I dey lie, abeg ask @davido, after giving Chioma, Assurance, do you think the ladies left him?


She is that one who has become a side chick out of ignorance or a dearth of knowledge on the man she’s dating.

To avoid these situations, ladies now post up their man’s photo with Cryptic captions such as; “Abeg, who get am?” before things get too serious.

Have you being an unwillful side chick? How did you discover you were? Share in the comments section below


So, one day, I was at my man’s house. He was taking a bath to retire at a private gathering later that evening with his friends, so, I thought to chill for him in the Living room.

Then, walked in this slim, tall, ‘busty’ lady, that kind of caramel chocolate light skin girl. Even though she was quite pretty, I felt she was beneath me and in every way too!

God forgive me, that wasn’t nice, but that was how I felt.

My man always had visitors and he never enlisted my help in caring for them, but for a Pastor who visited him once. So, I took it upon myself to be nice to her while He got ready. First, I offered her a seat, then a drink, then something to eat. She bluntly refused them all.

Then, she asked me in a rather rude and harsh tone; “Where is xxx?” I told her He was in his bedroom and I could check up on him and tell him she was there.

Guess, what she said to me next?

Don’t worry, I know my way to his bedroom!!!

You don’t mean it?!

We stayed in different towns, so it was possible she did not know who I was and if you met me in his house, you will think I am just a guest. Why? Like my mum, I never take issues of men too seriously and truth be told; I love mai gurls and will do anything for them!

A woman is meant to be spoiled and pampered but this rude one surely had to be taught a lesson in the most subtle of ways even though the man must be severely punished for even thinking of owning (sic) a Side Chick.

She strutted to the bedroom, I smiled, the ‘Patience Ozokwor’ kind of way.

He quickly came out of the room, seemingly unperturbed, but I could feel how tensed he was, he sat to wear his Palms, I sat on his thighs and lovingly held his neck; I cooed; “where are you going? can I come with you? He replied; “If you feel like”. The, I asked; “Okay, can I wear your Palms to come along with you?” He rolled his eyes and said; No! I am a size 39, He’s a size 44.

I wore my shoes, returned to my position and said; dust mine too, he already knew I was putting on a show for the girl and it was paining him because He knew what will most likely happen after the girl left.

He called me; “The detective”!

He gently lifted me up. The girl was staring dumb struck. He picked up his game; Scrabble; one of the popular ‘Word Play’ games; he had to carry the board, the Dictionary, the racks, the tiles, so, he proceeded to hand over the dictionary and tiles board to me, mo ya look away!

The lady quickly collected it, I smiled. I strolled beside him, the lady walked a few steps ahead, when we were ready to make a turn to the ‘games hang out’, she handed over the stuffs, I pretended like I was going to collect it. He collected it and said; “don’t worry”. In my mind, I thought; “before nko“.

Before nko!

We got to the ‘hang out’, his friends were waiting, I later got to know they meet up every evening to play the games.

They have exciting rules for the Scrabble Game. So, One of such rules was; ‘the people playing sat next to each other’.

Correct! Just what I needed

I was playing after a guy, so, I had to sit next to him and I thought; what premium room to flirt?!😂🤷‍♀️

Something that wasn’t necessarily funny would happen and I will laugh and rest my head on the guy’s shoulders, I would tap the guy and make funny remarks! I watched as his face wrung in pain.

I cannot remember what quite happened but I know my seat soon got changed and I was sitting close to him and severally, he had told me I would be disqualified from the game.

You don’t mean it!


The truth is; many guys dish out what they cannot take. It’s the reason I pity the Side chick and every time I have met her when I am in a relationship with a man, I have left the Man for her.

Some guys later made me realize that; “the side chicks are not there to replace the main chick, they are just there to keep them company when the main chick is not around”, like a ‘King and His Harem’.

This is utterly wrong! You are playing with someone’s emotions (that of your beloved and that of the other woman) just to satisfy your sexual urge or whatever other urge. I am never settling for this! If you are enough for me (with your flaws and all), I should be enough for you!

I just feel if we women stood together and confronted the Man instead of the Side Chick, things will be much better!

But what do we do? we want to kill and maim the other woman, we want to fight her! We want to assassinate her, we want to give her an acid bath, etc.

Without the cooperation of the man, will there have been a side chick? Please get your claws off that girl and go and face your man, You witch!

Let’s not even start us up on how; ‘side chicks have become Full House wives’ with their children inheriting the Family’s wealth!

Be nice to a side Chick today, ensure you never become a Side chick. The Side Chick life Odi very risky

Allow your husband, fiance, boyfriend breathe oxygen. Guys do not like a nagging woman. It is also in the man’s nature to hunt. Allow him make new friends, the more exposure he gets, the more he realizes what a gem you are and how fortunate he is to call you his!

Your love and understanding become your own Kayan Mata.

What kind of man do you have sef that ladies are not falling on top of themselves for? Allow them, his commitment towards you, makes you know just how important you are!

In another news…

Abeg, who knows a Man that has a Boat? I love water, I love the sea, Hook us up, abeg and leave all this side chic matter. He must be single to stupor though, single, ready to mingle. oya now…Leggooo



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